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Welcome to the latest edition of The Acclivity Health Report newsletter! Each issue is packed with the latest healthcare news, hot jobs, and expert advice from the team at Acclivity Healthcare.

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Making a Perfect Match

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 63rd issue of The Acclivity Health Report, which now keeps over 150,000 healthcare professionals across the country up-to-date with industry news and trends, hot healthcare jobs, and relevant articles.

Within the Ask the Experts section of this March 2017 edition, we have included a few different articles related to the job search itself. The first article, is from a candidates point of view and the second from hiring authority. We gathered advice from some of our top client service managers and recruiters and really pinpointed exactly how the job seeker can better prepare themselves to deal with the anxiety of a very in depth job search...

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Ted French
President and Founder,
Acclivity Healthcare

Healthcare News
  • US added 235K jobs in February, making Fed rate hike likely: U.S. employers added a robust 235,000 jobs in February and raised pay at a healthy pace, making it all but certain that the Federal Reserve will raise short-term interest rates next week.

  • High Prices Today, Effective Drugs Tomorrow: The basic arguments will probably be familiar to readers of this column, but her stick figures make an important point: When we talk about what to do about pharmaceutical prices, we have to think hard about the trade-offs we are willing to make.

  • 3D-printed prosthetic limbs: the next revolution in medicine: As 3D printing continues to transform manufacturing, doctors are hoping it could also help the 30 million people worldwide in need of artificial limbs and braces.

  • New Study Reveals Benefits Of Soy For Breast Cancer Survivors: A new study shows many breast cancer survivors benefit from a diet that includes soy, such as soy milk and tofu. The study comes as alternative plant-based proteins boom.

  • Medical innovations to watch for in 2017: From the emergence of Zika and the legalization of marijuana to the ongoing opioid epidemic and the skyrocketing cost of the EpiPen, 2016 was a year packed with big shifts in the modern health landscape.

  • Video Is About To Become The Way We All Visit The Doctor: The countrys largest health insurer is putting telemedicine on par with a regular trip to the doctors office, effectively saying a video visit is as good as brick-and-mortar medicine.

Hot Jobs

Acclivity Healthcare has found jobs for over 17,000 people, and we can help you find your dream job too! Check out the hot jobs below. All of our open positions can be viewed here.

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Ask the Experts
  • Addressing Anxiety: Your Guide To Staying Calm Before An Interview : In our careers, as in our lives, our greatest fear can be fear itself. Anxiety frequently sabotages interviews, preventing even the most qualified professionals from thriving. The following tips will help you minimize fear, maximize confidence, and get you your dream job...
  • Shorten the Hiring Process for Better Results: If you're tired of your hiring process taking three months from start to finish, that's a perfectly reasonable way to feel. These processes take up a ton of time and resources, and you need those seats filled immediately...

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